Our Values

Innovative approach.

Reliability and clearness.

Qualified Human Resource

Social Responsibility

Information Sharing and Continuous Development

Respect to Global, Cultural and Social Values


Cambridge Academy for Professional Training (CAPTAN) is dedicated to offering high-quality preparation, education, and professional development for both new and experienced teachers around Europe. Our aim is to meet the education and training needs of teachers, school leaders and other school education staff, raising skill levels and maximising individual potential.


To be a reputable, reliable and a leader firm in our field when devising unique and innovational projects in European standards toward the needs of the institutions we offer solution partnership.

Who we are?

Cambridge Academy for Professional Training (CAPTAN) is a limited company, located in Cambridge, offers structured in-service training courses and events for teachers, school leaders and other school education staff from European schools. We also provide consultancy services related to identification of EU opportunities, project development and drafting, international partnership building and project management for European Schools.

What we do?

Cambridge Academy for Professional Training develops innovational applications within the frame of “Future itself is a design” approach, toward the needs and goals of the institutions it is serving and provides these institutions with consulting and educational services with the intent of supporting their new investments together with their waxing institutive capacities.

How we work?

With every additional knowledge and experience we have gained after each activity performed and each project carried out since the day we’ve started operating, we have expanded the quality of our service and continue enhancing it with innovational applications activated within sustainable growth approach. With its professional consultant team, our institution can carry on projects and educational organizations in many EU countries thanks to teamwork and coordination formed.